Package Holiday or Backpacking?

Whether you prefer package holidays to florida or backpacking in the Himalayas, travel is still one of the most exciting adventures you can have. There are obvious advantages to the traditional package holiday where everything is included however, there are also millions of people who wouldn't dream of going on a package, and for them travelling independently is the only way to go. There are pros and cons to both types of holiday, and your personality, budget and personal situation can help you decide which is best for you. Whatever you decide why not consider a stop off at bexleyheath kent before you travel, they offer fantastic park stay and go rates so you can be stress-free before you getaway with a comfortable night's sleep and breakfast at hand what else could you ask for

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A package holiday might be ideal for you if you are the sort of person who likes routine and stability. Most packages are to tried and tested tourist destinations, such as the Caribbean, the beaches of Spain, or Florida and these destinations have an efficient and safe tourist infrastructure. A package generally includes your hotel airfare and perhaps meals and entertainment, meaning that there is often little or no advance planning involved. You are also protected to a large extent against flight delays, hotel problems and other unforeseen problems. One of the drawbacks can be that the hotels are often bland and anonymous, and the destinations can be overcrowded and overpriced. There may be little spare time or little opportunity to really immerse yourself in the place you are visiting you may be forced to eat your meals at a specific restaurant or at a certain time of day.

Travelling independently or to somewhere more off the beaten track may be the way to go if you are the adventurous type, and don't mind some unpredictability and spontaneity. This type of travel really immerses you in a country and its culture in a way that a package tour never can. Backpacking around Asia, traveling by train across Europe or taking the classic American road trip can all potentially end up being the trip of a lifetime. There is the genuine thrill of not knowing where you might sleep that night, where your next meal might come from or who you might meet while travelling. You can change your plans at the last minute, something which can be difficult on many package tours. However, travelling this way also means that you are more likely to be affected by flight cancellations, poor quality accommodation and other problems. The more remote your destination, the more chance of having problems with food, money or transportation and the threat of being ill with no medical help nearby can be very real.